My Goals


As promised, here is the list of my responsibilities and goals.


  • Wake up consistently at 6am by the end of next year
  • Make monthly and weekly goals
  • Spend morning time with the Lord
  • Read six books

Wife and Mother

  • one date per child per month
  • two dates per month with Jonathan
  • spend 30 mins reading with each child


  • Keep bathrooms clean
  • Establish (and keep) a chore system
  • Have a compost bin


  • Build (and rebuild) an emergency fund


  • Write once per month

Some of these goals might sound silly to you or some might be ones that you have no desire to do. Your goal list will probably look different than mine, which is great, because we all are different and want to attain different things.  In fact, my sis-in-law laughed out loud when I told her I’m making a goal to keep the bathrooms clean. Yeah, I know, I’ve already defended that one here.  Anyways, they are YOUR goals.  May I also encourage you to talk to the Lord about you goal setting?  He cares so deeply for us, and has great plans for us!

It has already been two weeks into the new year and so far I’m loving having the weekly goal list to refer to.  I want to share with you my weekly goal list for this last week and a little recap at how I fared at the list.

  • Read Bible five times this week  –  CHECK
  • Go to bed by 11 3x this week– CHECK- but I barely made this one!  It is going to be a tough transition for this night owl
  • Go on a date with Jonathan–  BOO,  Didn’t get this one done 😦  My mother in law has been sick and she is usually who I ask to sit for us.  So no date for us.  Hopefully I can make it up later!
  • Start Stuart Little with the boys- CHECK-  My oldest is loving this book!
  • Finish “Spring Cleaning” my bathroom  -CHECK (ish)  Not exactly as perfect as a spring cleaning as I would have liked, but let me tell you, with two kids throwing up with a stomach bug this week, cleaning the bathroom was last on my list towards the end of the week.  Yet, I did a good clean and de-cluttered.  I’m considering this one a win 😉
  • Work on one blog post–  CHECK, CHECK
  • Memorize Psalm 16:1–  CHECK (ish)  I switched it to verse 2.  But it IS memorized!
  • Wake up by 8 (Don’t laugh at me for this one either- we all have to start somewhere, right?  🙂

As you can see, some of my yearly goals didn’t make it on my list for last week.  That’s because I’m talking things one step at a time and also, seeking to set goals that are challenging yet also knowing that they are actually attainable for me that week.  For example, the first week I had a couple of the books that I wanted to read, on the goal list for that week.  While I had accomplished the chapters that I wanted to read for the first week, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to get to them last week, so I didn’t put them on the list.  Now, however, I have put two books on my list for this coming week.  I’m keeping my yearly goals in mind, and looking at my week to see which of those goals I can make happen.

My current weeks goals

  • Go to bed by 11pm three times this week
  • Read the Bible five times this week
  • Wake up by 8 three times this week and by 8:30 two times
  • Finish Stuart Little with the boys
  • Read chapters 4 and 5 of the book GRACE by Max Lucado
  • Finish reading REVELATION by Beverly Lewis
  • Deep clean the boys room (organize toys)
  • Start homeschool by 9am every school day

How has your goal setting been coming along?  Have you found it easy or hard to keep your goals/resolutions?

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A 30 something mom and wife who currently lives on an island.
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