My Homemakers Binder (and links for yours too!)


When I was looking at getting organized for 2013, I knew I lacked one thing (among many other things)….A homemakers binder.  It seems that all the organized moms out there have one.  It may differ in style and content, which is best, because each families needs are different.

In the past, I have just carried around a regular spiral notebook, which was somewhat helpful but know I need more organization than that. Plus, it would be great to have my homeschool lesson plans together with all my other organizational tools and pages.

Here is the list of things that I have included in my homemakers binder:

  • Homeschool lesson plans– I use the weekly plans page from
  • Menu planning-  I have decided on this one from (I used #4). I love that it has spots for breakfast, lunch and dinner along with enough space for a grocery list.  This is how I used to draw out my menu planning in my handy dandy notebook, but now I have it all printed out 
  • Monthly budget sheet–  From  I’m planning on updated this each month, because my husbands income is flexible during some months
  • The Confidant Mom planner– I got this when I bought a bundle e-book pack.  So far, it isn’t helping…:/  It has great suggestions but sometimes I feel like they are too far different for each other.  For example one day you might have “clean the refrigerator door” and “clean the dishwasher door”.  I would just rather clean the whole thing of one, one day and they the other the next.  But then again, maybe this is a good strategy?  It possible I might feel differently when  I get some routines established?   I’m not giving it a thumbs down yet.
  • Monthly Goals sheet  –  Yay, for goals!
  • Calendar
  • Schedule
  • Mission Statement  These last four are all from  You can purchase a package of printables for $1.99 or sign up for her newsletter and get some for free.

Getbuttonedup has a lot a free printables to offer when you sign up for the email newsletter.  It’s totally worth looking into.

I’m still searching for a good to-do list.  I have found several, but so many of them repeat some of the other things that I’m doing and I don’t want to waste ink.  For the time being I’m just writing down my weekly goals and to do list on the back side of whatever paper is opposite the weeks page.  Hey, it’s working!

For the time being I’m also recording, what I’m eating/exercising/drinking/sleeping for my natural health professional.  This is all on one form that she provided for me.  I keep this one in the kitchen because it easier for me to remember to record it there.  If you have any health goals that include those items, keeping a record has proven extremely eye-opening and inspiring.  If you call not eating dairy, (something she has taken me off of) because I know I’ll have to write it down, inspiring?  😉

I hope you like the links I provided for you, but if you’re looking for something else, just try to google it.  Chances are someone has one out there, and there even a good chance that its free!

Let me just say, I’m loving having the weekly goals.  I know that it’s still January and there’s a whole lotta year left, but I truly feel as if I’m accomplishing so much by having a plan (and sticking to it!).  🙂

Have I missed anything?  Do you have  homemakers binder?  What part of it is the most helpful?

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