Friday’s Favorites: Homemakers Binder

Last time, I talked about having a homemaker binder.

Some good reasons to have one:

  1. All your needed documents in one place
  2. Good organizational tool to keep your day on track
  3. Easy for anyone else to find important information (like a babysitter)

Some additional resources to look at.

Domesticserenity  A good recap of how to put a binder together plus she has a lot of links to find more printables.

Donna Young–  Her website isn’t the most user friendly, but once you figure out her system, you will love all the printables she has on her site!

Organizedhome has a motherload of printable, for free!

Listtemplate has a house cleaning list.  You could put this in a plastic sheet protector and use a dry erase marker to use over and over again!

And last but not least I have found a GREAT to-do list at  It’s listed as Weekly Strategy Worksheet and I think it and I are going to be good friends.

I also found a really good one at  which she calls daily docket.

Have you found any really great printalbes. Please share in the comments below!


About An American Expat

A 30 something mom and wife who currently lives on an island.
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