What can Meal Planning do for you?

February is Meal Planning month here at On My Way To Organized.  Having a meal plan is essential for having smooth days.  Here is what Meal Planning can do for you.

Helps you avoid take-out

When you have a plan for dinner each night you won’t find yourself at 5:30 exhausted and having no options for dinner.  Have a plan to keep yourself from resorting to take-out.

You will also know ahead of time what preparation work needs to be done the night before.  Do you need to take chicken out of the freezer to start thawing?  You’ll know when you have a plan.

Helps you save money

Not only will it help you save money by avoiding overly priced take out, but you will save money at the store too.  When you make a meal plan you know exactly what ingredients to put on your list and buy.  This will help you shop with confidence and not second guess yourself by throwing in extra items “just-in-case”.   You can also plan meals according to your budget.  You could do this my having a meatless night or two, or plan on using a whole chicken in several different items.  The possibilities are numerous!

Helps you plan healthy meals

You can look at what your eating during the entire day with a meal plan.  You can also plan on more veggies and fruits, even adding them in as snacks instead of grabbing what’s in the tempting snack isle at the grocery store.

Helps you save time

Knowing what is on the menu for the week helps you to not have to search for recipes at the last min only to find your missing a key ingredient and have to run to the grocery store, again.  Save your time by planing right and only going to the store once.  You will also save time by knowing what preparations need to be done and when.

Meal planing is one of my favorite time-saving and budget saving tools to use.  Next week I will share how I make out my menu plan and some key things to keep in mind when you make yours.

Do you meal plan?  What is the number one thing meal planing does for you?  If you don’t meal plan, what is the thing that keeps you from doing so?


About An American Expat

A 30 something mom and wife who currently lives on an island.
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