As God, For Christ’s sake, has forgiven you

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It seams like every time I turn around, I’m in a battle.  A war.   As if Satan knows just where in my heart to aim his fiery darts. Sometimes I can see it coming.  Other times it comes out of nowhere.  If its not dis-contentment, than it’s depression.  If its not being frustrated with the kids,  its being a cheerful giver.  And sometimes, when all things appear to be well, its forgiveness.  He reminds me of past hurts, and I have to ask God to help me forgive, again.

In asking God to help me,  HE reminded me of a verse that my Mother had my sister and I quote every time we argued, which was a lot.  Ephesians 4:32 “Be ye kind  one to another, tenderhearted forgiving one another, even as God, for Christ’s sake has forgiven you.”

….For Christ’s Sake

I shouldn’t have a forgiving heart because it will cause the pain to go away. Or  for me at all.  Its because 1) God commands his believers too; and 2) because Christ endured the cross.  He took all the sin upon himself so that we could be forgiven.  We don’t forgive for our offender’s sake, or even ourselves.

Its for him.

….Has Forgiven You

And because of him.

When I think about how much I’m forgiven, how Christ came down and swallowed my sin and guilt on the cross. That he holds no grudge.  That, he did it freely.  He suffered.  He died.  He rose.  When I think about the fact that he provided me his righteousness, and granted ME forgiveness.  Well, that doesn’t leave much room to think about what I’ve suffered, what I’ve been wronged in.

He grants me forgiveness and he provides me the power to forgive.

They say that forgiveness is a choice.  And they are 100% correct.  It is a choice.  You can choose to forgive.  But when struggling with the emotions of it all, when, even after you’ve chosen to open your heart to forgiving the other person, you feel the pain and frustration;  Remember this: Christ has forgiven you, dear believer.  YOU.

Sometimes, I think I over complicate things.  I think that I need to feel like I’m forgiving someone.  That I need to feel love towards the person.   I try to “think” myself into “feeling” like I’ve forgiven.  I think too much.  Or actually, I think too much about the wrong solution.  Choose to forgive then think on Christ.

His forgiveness.

His love.

His faithfulness.

His righteousness.

His power.

He is the one who makes it possible to forgive.  Think on HIM.

Can you relate to this?  Aren’t we thankful to have such a good Savior?


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