Why You Should be Freezer Cooking


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I’ve had a great time with this months meal planning Wednesdays.  We’ve talked a lot about the why behind meal planning as well as the basics and whole food edition of meal planing.  For this last week, I wanted to share just a bit of how freezer cooking can fit into your meal planning.

A couple months ago a dear friend of mine fell ill and had a family emergency.  I called her, wanting to know if I can do anything. “I’ll bring you dinner.”  I told her.  I knew I had such a busy day ahead of me.  As I drove home I was wracking my brain to figure out how I would get everything done.  “Ah-ha,” I remembered that I still had a meal in my freezer from a freezer cooking day I had a while ago.  Yay!

And that is my reason number 1 of why freezer cooking is so beneficial.

Already made meals ready to give to friends in need is such a blessing to have on hand!!

Some other reasons to practice freezer cooking is:

2. If for some reason you can’t make dinner that night, you don’t have to worry, it’s already done!

3. You can save money, by utilizing meats that have been on sale.

4. Streamlining the slicing and dicing saves you time!

The best part about freezer cooking is that you don’t have to a ton of it in order to benefit from the idea behind it.  Here are a few ideas:

  • ready to go breakfasts
  • pre-made casseroles
  • soups
  • ready to go crockpot meals
  • marinated meats
  • browned ground beef

I’m sure there are even more ways that you will find as you begin doing this yourself!

If you’ve never heard of the idea of freezer cooking and need a little more instruction, check out money saving moms post on freezer cooking.  While your there, be sure to check out all the free printable she has for planning your freezer cooking day.

Have you ever benefited from Freezer Cooking?


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