Hello, I’m Liz.  And I’m one unorganized person.  Why then, you might ask, am I writing a blog about becoming organized?   Because, I’m not alone.  You are not alone. In a world filled with Martha Stewarts and Betty Crockers, the unorganized women of the world need to stand together. Uh, just kidding, sort-of 😉 Actually, I’m on a journey to become organized. I would love to be Martha Stewart.  And I thought there might just be a few other women out there who could join me on this journey.  I’ll be sharing my ups and downs, trials and errors,  while striving to become an organized homemaker. Expect to read about organizing your home, toys, food, homeschool, and life in general.  I will also be sharing bits and pieces of my faith in Chirst.

Liz is a homeschooling mom of two boys.  She is married to the man she loves.  Her life is bought and paid for by the blood of Christ, to which she is ever so humble and grateful for.  She strives to eat healthfully, live simply, and love dearly.

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  1. Alicia Gould says:

    I love this Liz this is awesome

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